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Why choose between digital interfaces when you can have them all?

Here's your swiss knife for all your digital audio needs. This unique piece of hardware is able to convert 64x64 channels between the an impressive selection of digital interfaces - any to any, all at once. 

all protocols

Supported Audio Interfaces
  • ADAT (8x), SPDIF optical*
  • MADI optical
  • MADI coaxial
  • MADI-TP (up to 2 ports)
  • AES50 (up to 2 ports)
  • Dante/AES67
  • and many more via breakout boxes (currently planned: AES3, AVB)


What the multiverter can do for you:

  • Interface your recording gear to any signal source
  • Make your production truck or OB van compatible to anything
  • Use your ethernet port as 64x64 recording interface with the Dante® Virtual Soundcard technology
  • Hook up your Yamaha® desk to inexpensive Behringer® equipment (Yamaha HA remote to Behringer S16 remote control converter integrated*)
  • Send and receive low-latency, 64x64 audio over your standard ethernet network
  • Bring your legacy gear up to date
  • ...and anything else you can imagine!


* Not all features are available at the release date, but we will provide firmware updates on a regular basis. Please ask if you have a special requirement, or if you need a particular feature urgently. We will walk the extra mile, promised!

7star headphones redundant supply remote swiss-german
7x7 interfaces
headphone amp
+Test tone generator
power supply
Remotable via
MIDI & Ethernet
Swiss Design
Made in Germany