New Flexiverters with High-End Sample Rate Conversion

The flexiverter family welcomes two new members:

  • The FLX-DANTE/SRC converts 64x64 channels of DANTE to any desired format available as AUX card, while decoupling clock domains. When combined with an AUX-DANTE card, it acts as bidirectional DANTE/DANTE network bridge with physical network and clock domain separation.

  • The FLX-AES3/SRC converts from 8 stereo lines (16 audio channels) of AES/EBU to any desired format using the matching AUX card, while accepting an independent clock for each input. The device is ideally suited for situations where many incoming stereo signals from different sources need to be matched to a common clock.

  • Both devices are available from August 2024 on.

    Multiverter Firmware 5.0 released

    Prepare for the Flexiverters!

    The fifth generation of the multiverter's operating system is now available for download. It brings a bunch of new features to your beloved MVR-64:
  • Use all 192x192 channels of the flexiverter connected to the Extension port (more info soon!)
  • More channels for Sample Rate Conversion
  • Forwarding of AES50 AUX (remote control) data between AES50 ports
  • RS422/RS485 tunneling over MADI (DirectOut® compatible)
  • and many more things. Get the update here!

    Multiverter Firmware 4.1 released

    More formats & more control

    The fourth generation of the multiverter's operating system adds support for the recently released MTA-64 MADI-TP breakout box for DiGiCo, Soundcraft, Studer & Harman desks. Many other enhancements have also been added: The ADAT ports now support SPDIF and AES3 transmission and reception, control data can be passed between MADI ports and MIDI inputs and outputs, and the extension port allows super-low-latency connection of two MVR-64s for even more complex setups.

    Even more precise in time: ClockShield technology

    An important new feature is our brand new ClockShield technology, which allows the Multiverter to run up to one second (!) without master clock and later synchronize again with minimal, often not even audible, glitches. The handling of signal errors has also been greatly improved, eliminating clicks and pops when signals are added or removed.

    Supercharge your MVR and get the new firmware here!

    Preview: MTA-64 MADI-TP Adapter for DiGiCo and Soundcraft/Studer

    Our next product is about to see the light:

    This small inline box enables the Multiverter to connect directly to DiGiCo and Soundcraft/Studer MADI-TP ports. On the Multiverter side, audio is connected to the MADI-TP port, while power and configuration is taken from the Extension port (which is still available because it´s fed thru). Supported are all known pin-outs as well as an built-in MDIX feature which allows you to use straight Cat5 cables where normally crossover cables were required.

    More info coming soon (and a large image here....)

    Multiverter Firmware 3.2 released

    We're happy to announce the availability of the latest and greatest MVR-64 firrmware!

    Version 3.2 fixes web remote control for devices without ASRC and features lots of improvements on the routing matrix, such as:

    • Matrix headers are sticky now: they don't scroll outside the view
    • Status information for each port (connection status, channel count, format...) displayed on the column/row header
    • Unavailable channels (i.e. >48 on AES50) are hatched out
    • Better display of aggregate interfaces (dual-MADI, dual-AES50 for 96k I/O with ASRC)
    • Overall display improvements

    You can download the upgrade in the firmware section or download  MVR-64-Firmware_3.2.zip directly.
    Please check the updated manual  MVR-64 User Manual which covers all new features since version 3.0.

    Curious of the new web control? Check out how it works on the web - no installation required:

    Multiverter Firmware 3.1 released

    This is a bugfix release for recently published version 3.0, to correct routing matrix behaviour in 96k and 192k modes.

    You can download the upgrade in the firmware section or download  MVR-64-Firmware_3.1.zip directly. There is also a new version of the  MVR-64 User Manual available which covers all new features since version 3.0.

    NOTE: 3.1 has a bug: Web remote control does not work without ASRC installed - please install 3.0 or wait for 3.2 if you don't have an ASRC!

    Curious of the new web control? Check out how it works on the web - no installation required:

    Multiverter Firmware 3.0 released

    Multiverter Firmware 3.0 has been released! New features:

    • Web remote control via integrated webserver - no software required
    • Telnet server, configuration over ethernet via standard telnet
    • USB terminal, command line configuration via USB
    • MIDI preset recall, ideal for scene automation
    • Channel-wise routing, unleash the power of a full 448x448 matrix!

    You can download the upgrade here.

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