Where can I buy?

Please see here.

My application is mission-critical. Why should I trust your products?

We are on the market since 2007, and our products - rock-solid swiss engineering - have earned a good reputation in the community. They are used in small hobbyist environments as well as international broadcasting companies. But believing is good - better is always to try on your own: you can test everything within 60 days and return it for a full refund if you don't like them for any reason. Also, we give an extensive 2-year warranty where we will replace or repair eventual defects for free.

What mains voltage / plug type do you ship?

We include the proper plug version of power supply for your country. Available types are US, Europe, UK and Australian. Regardless of the plug, all power supplies work from 90 to 240 VAC.

How much taxes and custom fees apply if I order from you?

For customers outside Switzerland, we do not charge any VAT or custom fees. Whether you have to pay VAT on arrival and how much (if any) duties have to be paid, depend on local regulations. You can contact your local customs authority for details (or products are listed in TARES under tariff number 8517.6200, origin = Switzerland)

Swiss customers: Our prices are shown as net, so 8% VAT is added to each item.

EU customers: When importing goods into the EU, you'll have to pay your country's  VAT on arrival, but no extra custom fees apply. This amount is usually collected directly from you from the carrier, or sometimes from the customs office.

US customers: How much duties apply depend on your state regulations.

Other countries: How much duties apply depend on local regulations. For countries with high import duties on (e.g. Brazil), it's possible to ship some devices as easy-to-assemble kit (only some screws required). As the product is not considered as finished goods but as industry parts, import charges are much lower (A customer from Brazil didn't even had to pay any charges!)