More formats & more control

The fourth generation of the multiverter's operating system adds support for the recently released MTA-64 MADI-TP breakout box for DiGiCo, Soundcraft, Studer & Harman desks. Many other enhancements have also been added: The ADAT ports now support SPDIF and AES3 transmission and reception, control data can be passed between MADI ports and MIDI inputs and outputs, and the extension port allows super-low-latency connection of two MVR-64s for even more complex setups.

Even more precise in time: ClockShield technology

An important new feature is our brand new ClockShield technology, which allows the Multiverter to run up to one second (!) without master clock and later synchronize again with minimal, often not even audible, glitches. The handling of signal errors has also been greatly improved, eliminating clicks and pops when signals are added or removed.

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