We're happy to announce the availability of the latest and greatest MVR-64 firrmware!

Version 3.2 fixes web remote control for devices without ASRC and features lots of improvements on the routing matrix, such as:

  • Matrix headers are sticky now: they don't scroll outside the view
  • Status information for each port (connection status, channel count, format...) displayed on the column/row header
  • Unavailable channels (i.e. >48 on AES50) are hatched out
  • Better display of aggregate interfaces (dual-MADI, dual-AES50 for 96k I/O with ASRC)
  • Overall display improvements

You can download the upgrade in the firmware section or download  MVR-64-Firmware_3.2.zip directly.
Please check the updated manual  MVR-64 User Manual which covers all new features since version 3.0.

Curious of the new web control? Check out how it works on the web - no installation required: