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Bidirectional ADAT/TOSLINK Extender Kit

The ADX-16 Kit has been designed to overcome the length limitations (5m/16 ft) of optical TOSLINK® interconnects running ADAT Lightpipe®, S/PDIF® and other protocols. The kit enables you to run two TOSLINK connections (one in each direction) over a single Cat5 cable and up to 100m / 330ft. in length, opening up a range of new possibilities (e.g. for audio distribution within a building).




  • Economic digital 8x8 snake with lowest latency
  • Recording of 8 channels from a remote location, with master clock transmitted to the remote unit
  • Interconnection of ADAT enabled equipment (e.g. DAWs and digital mixers)
  • If analog conversion is needed at one or both ends, we recommend using 8-channel ADC/DACs (e.g. Behringer ADA8000 or Focusrite Octopre mkII Dynamics) on the respective end(s)


  • Bidirectional transmission over up to 100m/330ft. using a single Cat5 cable
  • Reliable, lossless, true bit-transparent transmission
  • Near-zero latency (< 1µs)
  • Compatible with any data format which can be sent over TOSLINK (ADAT, SPDIF, AC-3/Dolby Digital, DTS ...)
  • Quality product "Made in Switzerland"

Kit Contents

  • Converter Box ADX-16-S (1xTOSLINK In + 1xTOSLINK Out to Cat5 with power supply)
  • Converter Box ADX-16-R (1xTOSLINK In + 1xTOSLINK Out to Cat5)
  • AC adapter in "green" switching technology
  • Printed manual