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Digital snake, value for money: less than $17/channel!*

Still believe digital multicores are expensive? Or proprietary? Think again....

Use our ADAT Multicore Extenders to connect any number of ADAT compatible equipment with standard Cat5 network cabling. Reaches longer than fiber (330ft/100m), weights less than analog cable (only 1 Cat5 for 32 channels), is cheaper than MADI and more compatible than proprietary systems. The newest generation comes with additional features (like MIDI transmission) which have been often requested by our customers.



Monitoring and recording splits included

All ADAT input are also looped through to the output jack alongside, often eliminating the need for additional signal splitters for monitoring and recording. If you still need more, you can daisy-chain multiple ADX units together and use them as extensible  audio distribution system, e. g. for streaming audio data within buildings to multiple locations.

Mix & Match

Both device types are compatible and can be combined: For example, you can use an ADX-64B-PRO at your mix console, and two ADX-32B on stage (one located on the right and one on the left side). A simple ADAT splitter can be built by looping the Cat5 cables through on an ADX-64B-PRO. If you need a longer reach than 330ft/100m, an ADX-64B-PRO can also be used as Cat5 signal repeater by simply connecting ADAT In/Outs from the two submodules together. Imagine what else can be done...

DMX transmission (option)

On request, the ADX can be modified to include DMX transmission, eliminating the need for a seperate DMX cable run. The devices will be delivered with a female DMX receptable on one device, and a male DMX plug on the other. Note: The DMX option reduces the number of available ADAT connections by 1. This means that the ADX-32B still has 3*ADAT (24 channels) available, while 7*ADAT (56 channels) remain in the ADX-64B-PRO.

* Price per channel in a system consisting of two ADX-64B-PRO, excl. tax, cables, ADCs and DACs


  • Radically reduced cabling and weight: a single Cat5 replaces 32 analog cables
  • Very cost efficient compared to other digital snakes
  • No noise, hum and disturbances, and a better SNR thanks to isolated digital transmission
  • Extremely low latency (<1µs)
  • Front panel LED indicators show status for each ADAT connection
  • Daisy-chaining possible for up to 32 devices
  • ADAT inputs are duplicated on the outputs, eliminating the need for splitters
  • Easy upgrade from ADX-32B to ADX-64B-PRO with upgrade module
  • Ruggedized anodized aluminum case with Neutrik EtherCon ® RJ45 connectors
  • Quality product „Made in Switzerland“



ADX-32B: 4x ADAT, bi-directional MIDI & wordclock over Cat5

With a total capacity of 32 audio channels and MIDI connection over a single Cat5 cable, the ADX-32B is the right choice for building an inexpensive 24/8 multicore. The transmission direction can be set individually for each ADAT channels, and with an  extension module, the ADX-32B can be upgraded later to an ADX-64B-PRO if you need more channels. On request, the ADX-32B is also available with a BNC wordclock output which simplifies wordclock distribution with your devices (e.g. preamps on stage).

ADX-64B-PRO: 8x ADAT, 2x bi-directional MIDI & wordclock over Cat5

Our top model combines two ADX-32B in a single case. With its total capacity of 64 channels, one MIDI channel (two optional), wordclock transmission, a newly introduced wordclock-from-ADAT feature which eliminates the need of a BNC master clock, the redundant power supply (optional), the ADX-64B is ideally suited for larger setups. This model uses two Cat5 cables for transmission.

  Example setups

Click the pictures below to enlarge.


 Two 32-channel stageracks with ADX-32B and ADA8000's


Can I use Cat5e/Cat6(e)/Cat7 cable?

You can, any Cat5 and higher Cat cable and above will work. Higher numbers indicates that the cable can run at higher speeds when used in ethernet networks; but the ADX with its comparatively slow data rate will not benefit from it. CAUTION: The ADX units have Cat5 Ethercon jacks which are compatible to Cat5 Ethercon plugs and standard RJ45 connectors, but not with Cat6 Ethercon plugs!

Which preamps do you recommend?

Basically, any preamp with ADAT interface will do. The most popular model is the Behringer ADA8000, it's cheap and features also D/A conversion which is required for the returns. If your budget allows it, the Focusrite Octopre mkII (A/D only) and Focusrite Octopre Dynamic (A/D and D/A) or the Presonus Digimax D8 (A/D only) are also worth consideration. On the top level in terms of quality and price, the RME Octamic family is worth a look.

What do I need if I want to connect a PC / DAW to the ADX?

You'll need an ADAT card. We recommend RME cards (particularly the RayDAT) which are known for excellent driver quality and minimum latency. PCI(e) cards are best choice for live mixing, when latency is critical. For laptop interfacing, you can use the RME CardBus variant or Firewire interfaces, e.g. MOTU 828mk3. If latency doesn't matter (e.g. for recording), you can also use USB ADAT interfaces.

Can I connect my Yamaha digital mixer?

You can, and it's a standard application. Depending on the model, these mixers have already built-in ADAT slots and can be extended by adding one or more MY16AT cards to your mixer for more channels.

Will my device XYZ work well with the ADX?

The ADX-32B and ADX-64B-PRO models employ state-of-the-art transmission and signal reconditioning and work well even with problematic devices, so any ADAT equipement on the market should work.



Type ADX-32B ADX-64B-PRO
Number of ADAT connections (mono channels) 4 (32) 8 (64)
Required Cat5 cables 1 2
Number of MIDI connections up to 1 bi-directional up to 2 bi-directional
Wordclock transmission yes (can also be extracted from ADAT data stream)
DMX transmission up to 2 DMX optional (each reduces number of ADAT connections by 1)
Data formats ADAT Lightpipe 44.1/48 kHz, S/MUX (96kHz), Q/MUX (192kHz) at 24 bit
Other format (SPDIF, AES/EBU, DTS, AC-3 etc.) on request
Recommended cable

Twisted-Pair network cable according to Cat5 or better (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat7)

Maximum transmission distance 330ft./100m (entire bus length). The distance can be multiplied by using ADX-64B-PRO as repeaters
Maximum number of devics on the bus 32
Latency <1µs
Cat5 connector type Neutrik EtherCon (R), compatible with standard RJ45 plugs
Jacks "A" and "B" are electrically paralleled and share the same pinout
Power supply Wall mount power supply (12V/1A), mains voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz.
Redundant power supply (ADX-64B-PRO only)
Dimensions 19" 1u / 60mm in depth



Active products

Model Document Language Format Size
(red button model)
 ADAT Multicore Extender en PDF 331 kB
 ADAT Multicore Extender de PDF 336 kB
(black button model)
 ADAT Multicore Extender en PDF 2.2 MB
 ADAT Multicore Extender de PDF 2.5 MB

Discontinued products

Model Document Language Format Size
(silver front)
 ADAT Multicore Extender en PDF 1.8 MB
 ADAT Multicore Extender de PDF 1.8 MB
ADX-32 / ADX-64
(black front)
 ADAT Multicore Extender en PDF 277 kB
 ADAT Multicore Extender de PDF 281 kB


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