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bestprice 40 Send ADAT over Cat5, up to 100 meters!

Without any kind of compression or other potentially sound-degrading conversions, the input signal is 100% bitwise transmitted in real time to the output. Ideally suited for connecting your PC to your HiFi equipment, for upgrading your network cabling to a true HiFi-capable sound bridge, or to listen to music in uncompromising quality anywhere you can reach with standard network cabling. Or use the extender in your recording studio to overcome the 5 meter length limit of ADAT connections!




  • Lossless, uncompressed 1:1 transmission
  • Standard TOSLINK optical jacks at input and output
  • Eliminates hum, buzz and noise thanks to galvanic isolation (ground loop removal)
  • Near-zero latency (<1µs)
  • Compatible with all digital audio formats (ADAT Lightpipe, SPDIF, AC-3 (Dolby Digital ®), DTS® etc.)
    up to 96 kHz sample rate / 12.5 MBit signalling rate
  • Cost-effective installation using standard Cat5 network cabling
  • Quality product "Made in Switzerland"


  • Transmitter (TOSLINK->Cat5 Cable adapter)
  • Receiver (Cat5 cable->TOSLINK adapter)
  • AC adapter in "green" switching technology
  • Printed manual 

  Example setups



Does the ADX-8 carry all eight channels of an ADAT signal?

Yes. The ADX-8 is completely transparent, i.e. it does not know and care about the data sent through it. It acts exactly as a very long lightpipe cable would.

Can I run two ADAT signals (e.g. forth and back) over one Cat5 cable?

This is possible, although we recommend to have a look at the ADX-16 instead. The ADX-8 does not use all wire pairs in the Cat5, therefore this is possible. You will need a special cable to do this (see schematic). You can also power both extender pairs (the two senders plus the two receivers) from a single power supply, which can be located at either end.

Are there any limitations or known incompatibilities?

There are some incompatiblities if a signal run through an ADX-8 is fed into certain devices: Yamaha equipment at 48kHz, the M-AUDIO Lightbridge, and devices with JetPLL technology (Presonus Digimax family) might cause problems if they are on the receiver's side. It's no problem if one of these units is the sender of the signal. 

These devices are not 100% compliant with the ADAT specifications and require overly strict signal timing. The ADX-8's conversions (optical->electrical->optical) slightly degrade signal timing - it's still very well within the ADAT specs but too much for these devices. If you need to interface with one of the products listed above, we recommend using the ADX-32B or ADX-64B-PRO with integrated signal reconditioning.


Parameter Value
Input/Output Optical connector, F05 Type TOSLINK®compatible
Maximum distance between sender and receiver 100m (328 ft.)
Transmitted audio formats ADAT, SPDIF, Dolby Digital ® 5.1 and other TOSLINK compatible formats (up to 96 kHz sample rate/15 Mbit data rate)
Power supply 9..12VDC 100mA
Plug:ID=2.5mm OD=5mm Length=9mm Polarity: Center Positive


Title Language Format
User's manual english PDF


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