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Remote Gain Control for (almost) every preamp!

Digital snake systems like our ADAT Multicore Extender have many advantages. But with these systems, the mic preamps are usually located on stage, and you cannot adjust the gain locally from FOH - this can be an issue if you just wanted to "give some dB less" during the show. Remote controllable preamps are the solution, but they are hard to find and even more expensive - not the right thing when building a low-budget system. That's why we developed a modkit which works with most preamps and allows you to add remote gain control via MIDI. Simple to do, even simpler to use.


Principle of operation

In remote mode, gain adjustment is entirely done over the optocouplers. They are controlled by an external box (the Remote Gain Controller) which is in turn controlled via MIDI from the mix console at FOH position (the MIDI channel of the ADAT-Multicore-Extender ADX-32B and ADX-64B-PRO can be used for this purpose). When remote control is active, the original gain pots must be in leftmost (min) position. If local control is desired, the Remote Gain Controller can be switched off by either pressing the "MODE" key, by issuing a MIDI message, or by simply removing the control cable from the preamp.