No connection

Check if the multiverter is connected to the network and powered up.

Firmware inconsistent

The multiverter's different firmware components do not match each other. This could result in unpredictable errors and malfunctions and is therefore strongly discouraged.

Please make sure that you upgrade all parts from the same firmware package:

  • FPGA/Frontpanel over the USB port, by running MVR-64-Updater.bat on a Windows computer
  • Dante over the network, by running Dante Firmware Update Manager to load the file MVR-64-x.x.x.x.dnt contained in the firmware package.

Currently installed: FPGA , Frontpanel , Dante

SRC capacity exceeded

You have routed more channels between different clock domains than the SRC has capacity. Current routing requires:
channels between clock domains A→B ( available)
channels between clock domains B→A ( available)
Excess channels (bottom-most/right-most on the matrix) have been muted. Remove unused channels from the routing to make this warning disappear.

What are the limits?

The SRC works bi-directionally, i.e. converts from clock domain A to B, and from B to A. The maximum number of channels in each direction (A→B x B→A) depends on the highest sample rate used in the system:

  • 128 total with flexible direction assignment, when the highest sample rate is 44.1/48k
    Depending on the routed channels, the SRC is automatically configured as 128x0, 112x16, 96x32, 80x48, 64x64, 48x80, 96x32, 16x112 or 0x128 channels.
    This requires at least SRC firmware 2.0 (currently installed: ). In previous versions it's 64x64 fixed.
  • 64x64 fixed when the highest sample rate is 88.2/96kHz
  • 32x32 fixed when the highest sample rate is 176.4/192kHz